2015 QNI Conference – Ontex introduces new mail order catalogue to iD-Direct disposables


Ontex Healthcare is expanding the iD-Direct incontinence care and personal hygiene brand offer with the introduction of a new mail order catalogue to complement the company’s established e-commerce sales platform at www.id-direct.com.

iD-Direct launches the expanded operation to delegates at this year’s QNI Conference – ‘Healthcare in the Community’ – on Monday 28 September 2015 at the Royal College of General Practitioners in London.

The new iD Direct Catalogue provides broad advice to users on choosing, selecting and fitting products, with details of a free telephone hotline accessing iD Customer Services advisors for added personal user support.

The new catalogue also showcases a broad range of disposable product solutions for all types and levels of incontinence for men, women and children, spanning the iD Expert, iD Pants, Fit and Feel, Freelife Bébécash Baby Nappy and Pull-Up brands in addition to the iD Care offer.

Products are home-delivered in standard ‘neutral’ packaging with Next Day Delivery available. Free samples can also be ordered online or via the Customer Services Hotline.

Ontex Produces, sells and distributes its products in over 100 countries via its own and leading retailer brands. Customers of Ontex-branded incontinence products include government healthcare organisations, local authorities, hospitals and nursing homes, and consumers via its home delivery services.

The company’s UK iD Direct division expects to see added uptake in the selection and use of its parent’s fast-growing product solutions as access to these grows.

Says iD-Direct Distributor Sales Manager – Angela Gillespie:

“iD is already one of the most popular incontinence care ranges in the NHS. Now, patients and community healthcare professionals can order our products for discreet direct home delivery via an expanded choice of mail order, telephone order or online purchase.”

More on iD-Direct products and services at www.id-direct.com

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A division of Ontex, one of Europe’s leading hygienic disposable manufacturers and distributors, iD-Direct direct markets the iD range of incontinence care and personal hygiene products direct to consumers and caring professionals.

One of the most popular incontinence care ranges used by the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), iD products are latex-free and dermatologically tested to minimise skin irritations and provide users and carers with an efficient range of solutions to continence management.

iD incontinence products are home-delivered via a new e-commerce site tasked with assessing and advising on the most suitable continence solution for each visitor, as well as providing useful information and advice about incontinence.

Suitable for all types and levels of incontinence and offered in a wide range of absorbencies and sizes, the iD range has been developed paying extra attention to the physical and emotional implications of all levels of incontinence, helping users remain confident to continue with their day-to-day activities with a feeling of protection and security.

Surveys carried out in several European countries show that one in every 20 people in the total population is experiencing involuntary urine loss at some stage in his or her lives. In certain age groups, this figure increases to one in of every five persons.

More than 2.5 million people globally use iD products to reduce the impact of bladder weakness in their everyday lives.

iD-Direct’s mission is to continue providing users with the most reliable, discreet and efficient continence management solutions enabling them to live their lives to the full.

iD-Direct parent company Ontex deploys sustainable manufacturing technologies complemented by rigorous testing processes to ensure that its products are made to the highest standards.

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