Alt country rising star Gem Andrews heads North from Vancouver

After the 2015 retreat that was stripped-back ‘break-up’ album ‘Vancouver’, country artist Gem Andrews returns to her spiritual home in the North East of England for a full-band, full-throated successor.

Running deep and dark, thematically, with the social and economic mistreatment meted out on the region over decades, this is ‘North’.

In a set showcasing probably her most powerful songs yet, Andrews is by turn hopeful, despairing, yearning for the region, yet neither loses sight of, nor regard for, the warmth, care and good humour of its people.

Backed by full harmonies, blooming fiddle melodies, piano and accordion on a sea bed of acoustic double bass and drums, Gem pays tribute to local legends, including the late, great poet Julia Darling, in an intimate yet stirring (and even bracing) collection of very fine songs that marks a further notch in the career of one of the UK’s finest alt-country writer and performers.  One for fans of Patsy Cline, Lucinda William, and The McGarrigles.


Artist:             Gem Andrews

Title:               North

File:                Alt/Country

Label:             Market Square

Cat:                MSMCD200

UPC:               5065001032615

Rel:                16/2/18


Also available on Market Square:



What the Critics Say …


“She all but freezes time, so poignant  are the lyrics, arrangement and delivery…”

Americana UK


“She’s sure to tug on even the most callous of heartstrings…”

No Depression


“Well named, Andrews is a real diamond.”



  1. 1. Letter
  2. Sing your Song
  3. Lungs
  4. Bare
  5. Feather & Skin
  6. Two Lighthouses
  7. Two by Two
  8. Straight Lines
  9. Medicate
  10. Carole
  11. Come a Long Way

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