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Client: Regent Cleaning
Project: Re-branding

A successful provider of cleaning services to public and private sector, Regent sought a re-branding to mark both sector growth and the company's joining France's major Samsic Group.

Peter Muir Public Relations refreshed Regent's proposition with a clear branding solution that could be folded into that of Samsic's to present an even stronger market message. This finds its way to a variety of media including online - and print.

Client: Digital Technology Advisory (DTA) Ltd
Project: Re-branding

Founded in 2006, DTA rides the crest of the information wave concerning the transition of analogue TV to digital. A consultancy at the very hub of the mechanism that develops, implements and informs on all matters pertaining to intuitive screen-based entertainment and learning, DTA has been provided with a re-branding that is comprehensible to international audiences and complementary to their expectations of the company. This is expressed publicly in a new online offer at

pmpr has extensive experience in creating new brands as well as refreshing propositions that are not making their mark as they formally did.

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