Classical minimalist composer Marvin Ayres releases belated ‘twin’ in CIRCADIAN RHYTHMS

Combining elements of contemporary ambient and electronica with the influence of 20th century composers such as Part and Gorecki, composer and performer Marvin Ayres has crafted in his 2016 release ‘Ultradian Rhythms’, another work of swooning intensity …

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“… stringed instruments and new sound recording technology to create luxuriant ambient music. ” The Strad


“… among the top avant garde neoclassical composers of the early 21st century.”


“…Mark Rothko for the ears.” The Wire


“…like some of (Brian) Eno’s best work … compelling pieces of music that can dominate and transport.” All About Jazz


Artist: Marvin Ayres

Title: Circadian Rhythms

File: Classical/Ambient

Label: Wall Of Waves/Market Square

Format: CD Digipak

Cat: WOW102

Barc: 5 065001 032301

Date: 19/02/2016


The belated ‘twin’ to 2014’s ‘Ultradian Rhythms’, this exploration of the neuro-scientific qualities of ultradian rhythms, and their cyclic behaviour, showcases a variety of music textures, playing techniques and recording set ups within an architecture of over-dubbed sound layers.

Ayres is truly a master of minimalist music as therapy and ‘Circadian Rhythms’ evocates extraordinary emotions within a corresponding stillness.


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Distributed in the UK by Market Square Music/Proper Music Distribution


1. Anthropomorphic
2. Berceuse
3. Secular Reveries
4. The Circling Shimmer
5. Pre-Tempest
6. Circadian Rhythms


Issued January 2016 on behalf of Wall of Waves Records by petermuirpr email tel. 00 44 (0)1280 308010


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