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A new Three-Stage Cleaning- proposition from national contractor Regent Samsic has been launched to help clients optimise budget by choosing solutions most appropriate to need.

Regent Samsic Prestige, Focused and Flexible take up a sales and service model successfully introduced by the company’s French parent, Groupe Samsic.

Prestige tackles the user requirement for services tailored to everyday cleaning needs, seeing the highest standards applied across all aspects of service input.

The Focused service model offers savings of up to 10% on cleaning costs by shaping operative input around actual need. It harnesses the use of up-to-date cordless machinery and equipment, utilising efficient pre-planned ‘flow cleaning’ principles, with catering and hygiene service areas cleaned daily, bins emptied daily and other areas cleaned as need dictates.

A service model widely used by clients of parent company Samsic, Regent Samsic Flexible can bring potential savings of up to 25% on cleaning costs by fitting budget-targeting resources on those areas critical to user business.

Services include daily cleaning of catering and hygiene service areas, centralised waste bins emptied when full, with all other areas cleaned once, weekly and spot vacuuming and spot mopping when required.

Explains Regent Samsic joint managing director John Critchell:

“We understand that not everybody defines ‘clean’ in the same way. In every commercial environment you find areas critical to the well-being of staff and visitors and crucial to creating good first impression, such as receptions and break-out zones.

“However, some areas are not as critical as these, and over-cleaning them could be costing clients substantially more than it should.

“Optioning cleaning three-ways is simply about extending choice, simplifying the procurement process for existing and prospect customers, and providing a solution that matches your needs and your budget.”

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