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16th May 2008

Trainers sign to partner business skills video house DTV

Training companies are signing up partnering agreements for exclusive regional and sector representation of newly launched online learning and development solution, Digital Training Videos (DTV) -

May sees three relationship partners newly signed up to represent DTV.

Talbot Green-based Development Consultancy - - is to represent the company to public and private sector organisations in Wales.

The company operates from offices in South Wales and Bristol and is soon to open in the Middle East.

Hereford-based Learning Field is to represent DTV across all markets in its home county.

Milton Keynes-based SSW Performance Solutions - - will represent DTV exclusively within the automotive business performance development sector.

DTV's web 2.0 technology-enabled streaming services was launched in April (2008) at London's HRD show, with 20 newly filmed business skills video productions covering eight topic areas.

The 'overview/introduce' films serving to induct newcomers to a business practice are complemented by 'take action' productions designed to analyse and advise on detail specifics.

Film formats include expert interviews, case studies, and drama-based scene setting.

Users can view and select from an easily navigable topic library, spanning personal and professional development, management, leadership, coaching, communications, customer service, sales, teamwork and sustainability.

Cult TV model

A lively content mix - modelled on cult TV shows such as 'Pimp My Ride', 'Lost' and 'Sex In the City' – advises on how to compose and write professional emails; becoming a better team member; handling a first day at work; best sales practice; and how to make the office more environmentally friendly.

Bite-sized videos (between eight to ten minutes long) come with downloadable support material and are available on licence packages or pay-per-view pricing.

New content uploaded every month includes a main feature title, usually relating to a current topic, with added location footage and specially packaged with a longer running time.

Encouraging response

Response from training providers to the DTV initiative has been highly encouraging with another four companies signing in June, says the company.

Prospect partners attending seminars at DTV's London studios to witness how the company is utilising the latest technology to deliver training and development in the corporate world.

"Unlike current video offerings, DTV combines quality, thought-leadership inspired content with optimum flexibility of delivery in a unique learner experience delivering value to partners and users," says DTV managing director Sean Walsh.

"We are seeking to partner with the best people in the industry to take DTV to market."

'Good fit'

Will Landon at SSW Performance Solutions perceives a 'good fit' for DTV programming and the blended learning his company provides the automotive sector.

"We saw DTV at a London event, found out they were signing regional and sector partners, and signed up the moment we could," says Landon.

Prioritising content as 'king', he sees the core appeal of the DTV offer in the finished films.

"We liked what was promised but waited on seeing what DTV actually had to offer before signing, and we were not disappointed," he says.

"The films are bright and fresh and cover in-demand topics. The treatments spoofing popular TV shows are an entertaining way of engaging people into the learning experience. The pricing model is also transparent and very flexible."

SSW's directors have been providing training and development solutions for many years to manufacturers, dealers and finance companies. Clients include Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Mercedes Benz Financial Services and Cardif Pinnacle.


Notes for Editors:

About DTV

DTV (Digital Training Videos) delivers engaging, relevant, up-to-date business skills videos direct to desktops. DTV provides hassle-free access to an extensive library of highly stimulating, affordable, on-demand video films communicating key training needs. Focusing on communications, teamwork and leadership advice, DTV empowers users with key knowledge for professional self-improvement.

DTV offers bite-sized videos (between eight to ten minutes long) and downloadable support material available on licence packages or pay-per-view pricings. Users can view and select from an easily navigable topic library, spanning personal and professional development, management, leadership, coaching, communications, customer service, sales, teamwork and sustainability.

DTV can also be deployed as an employee performance support system (EPSS) for large organisations and academic institutions to provide just-in-time (JIT), just-enough and 'just-for-me' learning for employees who are geographically dispersed.

DTV - delivering quality learning for today's business generation.

Further information:

Sales & Marketing: James Ralph / Kelvin Lee, DTV, +44 (0) 844 225 2005
Media: Peter Muir, Bob Little Press & PR, +44 (0) 1296 715228


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