Fast track solution to string arrangements

Some great music projects just cry out for strings. But not every project gets the treatment.

Legendary record producer Tony Visconti (David Bowie, U2, Morrissey) is just one music industry name to welcome a new concept from London audio house Wall of Waves that facilitates string arrangements for the broader recording marketplace.

“You can’t beat live strings,” says Tony. “This idea means real strings, by a real human, and all just a click away.”

The brainchild of modern classical composer Marvin Ayres, his eponymous String Orchestra (or MASO for short) enables recording artists to source bespoke strings by uploading tracks to the studio which are then scored, arranged, played and re-mixed into the source file, for downloading by the customer.

“In its fullest sense, this means a track leaves a studio with say, a simple musical setting of acoustic guitar, keyboards and light percussion, and is returned – ready to go – with a string arrangement,” says Marvin.

Solo string, duo, trio, quartet and full orchestra settings are available from MASO which has been successfully trialled by former Human League and Heaven 17 founding member and Tina Turner producer Martyn Ware for his new British Electric Foundation (BEF) album, “Music Of Quality And Distinction 3 – Dark”.

Says Martyn:

“We worked MASO into several tracks on the album and I’m entrusting Marvin Ayres to help beautify my arrangements for most of my projects from now on.

“I get the highest artistic and technical standard, and in today’s world of shrinking budgets and timescales, MASO delivers inspirational work on time and budget.”

As well as his own orchestral compositions, Marvin Ayres’ strings can be found on releases by Basement Jaxx, Culture Club, Heaven 17, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Prefab Sprout, David Bowie, Adam Ant, Curved Air, Stewart Copeland, Boy George and Kate Jackson.

Ayres’ commissions include work for the BBC, Channel 4 TV and Disney. A prolific recording artist in his own right, his latest CD/DVD album release “Harmogram” is available now through Market Square, via Proper Distribution.

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