Five stars for Bishopswood Schools!


Stewart Abrahart with his Prochem Comet

Three passes are not always a good thing at school – at least, not when you’re cleaning carpets!

Site manager Stewart Abrahart at Bishopswood Junior and Infant School at Tadley near Basingstoke felt enough was enough when, come refurbishment, it was a toss-up whether to renew a corridor carpet or get it cleaned properly.

Says Stewart: “The machine we were renting each time wasn’t up to the job. We had to go over the same areas three times to get the soiling out and I felt we were better off spending the cost of a new carpet on a machine that was more up to the job!”

Stewart is responsible for managing facilities at the two schools on the Tadley site, where little accidents do inevitably happen, particularly around ‘break time’.

A trip to the school office computer and a quick search took Stewart to the site of Prochem distributor Janitorial Direct – ‘very good and concise’ says Stewart, who also has a Prochem Comet on site (pictured).

No sooner had he got in contact, than Prochem Europe sales manager Phil Jones was driving over to spend time demonstrating the Fivestar self-contained power brush carpet, floor and upholstery cleaning machine.

This very compact and portable upright extractor enables any operator to achieve professional results and quick drying with the minimum of effort. A completely self-contained design, combining a powerful pump and vacuum system with a power driven self-adjusting brush, means that there are no hoses or wands to attach.

“Sold on the spot!” laughs Stewart. “Phil went over the controls, showed how it was done, made the job seem a pleasure. The results were fantastic.”

“I really like how light and self-contained this machine is, it is always ready at a moment’s notice,” he adds.

“And the upholstery attachment is absolutely brilliant for potential staining and residual odours from all manner of spills including urine and vomit that with nearly 500 children on site can happen maybe once or twice a week.”

Stewart is using the schools’ new Fivestar regularly. Job number one was the carpet that required replacing.

“Brought back to almost new in a single pass,” says Stewart. The only problem he has now is keeping the teachers from it.

“They all want to take it home!”


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