FM provider Samsic launches chemical-free floor care

Chemical-free floor cleaning has been introduced to the Innovations portfolio of facilities services provider, Samsic UK.

The first national contractor to adopt the Toucan solution-disinfectant agent for hard surface cleaning within its client portfolio, Samsic has now introduced technology to enable the solution’s use on carpets and hard floors.

A fast-cleaning system using Toucan for both carpeted and hard flooring, the Oztek walk-behind machine wipes clean carpet fibres and floor surfaces from all angles, oscillating dirt and contaminates from fibres and surfaces, removing soil and restoring carpet pile.

The combined solutions form the nucleus of a portfolio of innovations being deployed by Samsic as part its environmental deep-clean service for removing Coronavirus from all types of surfaces in client sites.  More on Samsic Coronavirus Cleaning Services at

An encapsulation technology providing a sustainable cleaning process for all surfaces, Toucan eliminates – on contact – 99.99% of all allergens, E-coli, Salmonella, Staph, MRSA, spores, viruses including Covid-19, moulds and fungi.

It replaces toxic and environmentally-damaging chemicals with an on-demand, site- generated solution requiring only tap water, salt and an electricity supply to create a activated hypochlorous solution within four minutes.

Samsic was the first contractor to introduce the system into the UK and uses it extensively across its client portfolio including within its National Blood & Transplant cleaning contract.

In addition to the absence of chemicals in the cleaning process, Toucan reduces user exposure to harmful allergens and toxicity and as an on-demand generator enables a 97% reduction in single use plastics.

Quick-drying and odour-free, deep cleaning of hard surfaces and now floors can be programmed more flexibly yielding a productivity rate of up to 700 sq m per hour.

Samsic UK employs over 3000 personnel to provide cleaning, security and related hard and soft services from 12 regional offices to over 1700 sites on behalf of 750 organisations. London sites are serviced by premium brand provider, JPC by Samsic.

More on Samsic Innovation at

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