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Integration Technology

Introducing Integration Technology Ltd (ITL)

Established in 2000 to address the UV needs of emerging technologies, British company Integration Technology Ltd (ITL) has grown rapidly.

ITL is the world's leading designer of ultra-violet (UV) curing systems for the inkjet printing market, with a 30% share. The company's share of the graphics sector rises as high as 50%.

UV digital inkjet technology

Inkjet printing is expected to grow substantially over the next 3-5 years by coupling versatility to economy.

Its technology allows printing onto a huge variety of surfaces including glass, plastics, ceramics and metals. Results are increasingly high profile, ranging from printed hoardings on the side of buildings to printed graphics on truck and bus bodies.

Inkjet also enables faster response times and lower set up costs than traditional printing systems, providing a key advantage in effecting low volume, variable print runs at a lower price.

UV curing shares inkjet's upward trajectory.

Inkjet printers using UV are expected to increase share within the overall inkjet market as ink developers recognise benefits in instant drying, lower operating costs, reduced space utilisation and improved quality without odour or the presence of residual solvents.

The inkjet printing market is split between narrow and wide format. Narrow format printers are generally home or office printers printing A4 and A3 paper sizes. Wide format printers are capable of printing materials from over 24 ins. wide and are typically used by commercial and industrial customers.

ITL is currently focused on wide format printers.

The fastest growing market segment, its total expenditure is estimated to increase by over 17% per annum over the next 3 years. Meanwhile, the hardware segment of the market - most relevant to ITL - is also forecast to grow at around 10% per annum over the same period.

The ITL product line

ITL designs and assembles a range of state-of-the-art products at its headquarters on the historic former air base at Upper Heyford, near Oxford. The existing premises were secured in late 2000 after a summer designing the prototype for the company's debut: VZero.

A range of highly compact, ultra lightweight, modular UV systems configured for a variety of inkjet and industrial applications including large and grand format inkjet printers, VZero remains to this day one of the most effective, high-output, high-quality UV emitters for its size on the market.

In May 2002, having identified the potential for UV curing to move from the large format inkjet printers onto smaller office sizes plotters, ITL unveiled a concept prototype of a very small lamp unit constructed using plastic and ceramic mouldings called project SubZero.

Used for medium format printers and marking and encoding applications using 20mm inkjet heads, this lightweight, high output, miniature emitter is currently the leading selling UV system in the inkjet market.

Three further products in development offer fresh opportunities for business growth in new markets and applications from 2010.

ITL R&D Reputation

Intense commitment to research and development (R&D) has positioned the ITL brand globally as a byword in innovation and quality.

The company has kept at the forefront of technical developments in the inkjet industry, and helped support its market growth by coupling the development of cutting edge products in working partnerships with developers and major customers, in addition to managing its own proactive R&D.

The first developer of UV emitters to recognise the unique needs of wide and grand format UV inkjet printers ITL created a solution in ultra-light, small footprint high power systems designed to withstand cyclic movement.

ITL worked with a number of partners to develop a product addressing the expanding static head UV inkjet market, expanding the technology into the narrow label market as well as identity card printing, CD and DVD printing markets.

The company has also worked tirelessly to bring advanced UV technology to a huge variety of applications such as 3-D modelling, robotic applications, medical device assembly, electronic track printing, solder mask, etch resist processes, conformal coatings, genetics, automotive curing, cell phone assembly, hardware printing, packaging, UV tampo printing, white goods, aerospace and many others.

ITL Manufacturing

ITL has a streamlined assembly process for its state-of-the-art products located at its headquarters near Oxford. Most materials are outsourced, either as components or sub-assemblies, from a multiplicity of suppliers.

From new product development through to manufacturing and customer service, inspection and quality is central to all ITL's activities. The company manufactures the majority of its products in accordance with US Underwriters Laboratories Inc ("UL") standards and is audited by them quarterly. ITL is both an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accredited company.

A combination of in-process inspection and final inspection is used to verify that all design criteria are met and the quality of ITL's products is maintained.

The ITL Team

ITL has a strong and competent management team with considerable industry and technical expertise instrumental in the successful delivery of the company's development strategy.

Company founder and managing director, Adrian Lockwood is supported by four senior managers: David Johnson, Global Accounts Director; Jason Smith, Director & Chief Technical Officer; Geoffrey Knibb, Operations Director; and Jason Cairns, Financial Controller.

The team manages a workforce of over 45 full time employees in total at Oxford.

The Company has offices in the USA, China and Korea while access to the Japanese market is provided through a distribution relationship.

ITL is committed to ensuring that staff are properly trained and experienced in order to conduct exacting jobs to the highest standard and the company is currently working towards Investors in People (IiP) accreditation.

The Future for ITL

Its expertise in developing more powerful, smaller UV curing systems - including LED based systems - brings ITL firm potential business from other industries utilising UV curing applications, such as automotive, medical devices and electronics.

ITL is a dominant and fast growing developer in an expanding market - with even brighter prospects still to come.

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