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Integration Technology cures short run printing of UV varnish over matt film

Short run printing of spot UV varnish over matt laminated film is being demonstrated at Ipex 2010 by Autobond in a ground-breaking process incorporating LED curing from Integration Technology Ltd (ITL).

In a move that that could have implications 'far beyond the laminating process', Autobond aims to show its new Mini 36 TPM-SUV sheet-fed laminator inkjet-print a spot UV, LED curable varnish in-line on top of matt film.

Autobond is exhibiting on Stands 19 D780 and 19 D790 at Ipex 2010 at NEC Birmingham, UK, May 18-25.

"Around ninety five per cent of all spot UV varnish goes on top of matt film but it's normally done on traditional screen presses, which means it's too expensive for short-run jobs," says Autobond managing director John Gilmore.

"The Mini 36 TPM-SUV can manage jobs as low as two or three copies. Make-ready between jobs will be virtually eliminated and the running speed will be up to 30 metres a minute.

Autobond's new laminator utilizes ITL's LEDZero Solidcure™ and curing also brings user benefits, says Gilmore.

"The LED curable lamps don't produce ozone and use around twenty per cent of the power required by equivalent UV lamps whilst lasting about twelve times as long. They also run cold, so there is a reduced risk of fire," he adds.

LEDZero Solidcure™ represents the very latest generation of SLM (Semiconductor Light Matrix) technology using UV emitting LED's.

Specifically designed for inkjet curing applications, the class leading compact footprint and ultra light weight of the Solidcure™ is combined with high intensity output to allow for the creation of miniature UV inkjet systems that have, until now, been impossible.

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Issued February 2010 on behalf of Integration Technology Ltd by
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