Integration Technology broadens UV LED curing offer for wide-format graphics

UV curing solutions specialist Integration Technology Ltd (ITL) has followed up the expansion of its SubZero arc product with complementary developments to the range’s LED counterpart.

A dedicated curing system for wide format inkjet printers, the newly-expanded Subzero LED range offers ground-breaking performance for air-cooled LED technology combined with the architectural pedigree, features and benefits of ITL’s SubZero UV lamp range.

New 240mm and 270mm cure length models have been added to the range which now offers eight sizes ranging from 60mm up to 270mm, all achieving exceptionally high dose output at an intensity of 7W/cm2 at a curing rate equivalent to 8W/cm water cooled systems.

Available as a turnkey system or lamp-heads only, the range benefits also from ease of serviceability with 30mm modules replaceable in the field and routine maintenance parts restricted to air filters.

“It’s a highly viable, cost-effective and fully integrated package for any future development programme, and is the ideal solution for current UV arc technology users seeking the extra benefits of UV LED as well as being an easy retro fit for all existing platforms using SubZero arc products,” says ITL sales director David Johnson.


SubZero LED 060 Cure length 60mm        Emitting window 65mm x 14mm     L142mm x W 67mm x H 131mm

SubZero LED 090 Cure length 90mm        Emitting window 95mm x14mm      L170mm x W 67mm x H 131mm

SubZero LED 120 Cure length 120mm     Emitting window 125mm x 14mm   L 216mm x W 105mm x H 132mm

SubZero LED 150 Cure length 150mm     Emitting window 155mm x 14mm   L 276mm x W 105mm x H 132mm

SubZero LED 180 Cure length 180mm     Emitting window 185mm x 14mm   L 276mm x W 105mm x H 132mm

SubZero LED 210 Cure length 210mm     Emitting window 215mm x 14mm   L 336mm x W 105mm x H 132mm

SubZero LED 240 Cure length 240mm     Emitting window 245mm x 14mm   L 336mm x W 105mm x H 132mm

SubZero LED 270 Cure length 270mm     Emitting window 275mm x 14mm   L 396mm x W 105mm x H 132mm


Standard Features:

–       8W/cm² @ 395nm*

–       Variable power: 0 – 10 (low – high) 0 – 100%

–       Proven air flows that do not disrupt ink jetting

–       High flex cable 8m as standard, up to 12m options

–       Fully field serviceable for extended operating life

–       Similar mountings to SubZero arc products

–       Models to suit all wide-format graphics printers

–       Equivalent output performance to SubZero arc products, e.g. scanning platforms operating at speeds in excess of 1m/sec in a 2 pass mode

–       Comprehensive warranty backed by global support direct from Integration Technology and strategic partner IST Metz


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