ITL and IST Metz break new ground in UV curing at Label Expo 2015

itl ist label expo 2015 stand

The ITL-IST stand at Label Expo 2015

The collaboration between UV curing developers Integration Technology Limited (ITL) and strategic partner IST Metz bore further fruit at Label Expo Europe 2015 in Brussels (Sept 29-Oct 2) where the two revealed the world’s first interchangeable hybrid system and new upgraded UV LED solutions for the digital label printing market.

The companies’ “one stop shop” approach for all UV solutions has been expanded with the latest introduction to IST’s MBS UV curing system in an air-cooled hybrid version featuring both arc and LED technologies which can be used interchangeably in the printing press as required.

Under its UV Integration brand, ITL showed the latest generation of its 2011-introduced Pincure system in the new Pincure 2 UV LED: a more powerful solution in a highly compact and lightweight package for high speed pinning between inkjet printheads, the system is just 20mm thick with integral all-air cooling and scalable for length of application to deliver a powerful yet ultra-compact proposition.

The proven optics of the original Pincure model – which completely eliminated the risk of UV light damage to the printhead nozzle plates – have also been enhanced.

Also on show was ITL’s new Solidcure 2 N full cure system for colour printing or heavy pinning of high density colours in high-speed applications including inkjet printing, roll to roll flexographic and offset printing, converting, and the curing of paints, lacquer and heavy coating films.

Slim and ultra-compact, again at just 20mm wide to slot into the tightest of machine spaces, the Solidcure 2 N is fully scalable in length and water-cooled to deliver class-leading dose and linearity of output to surpass other water-cooled products of this type.

All existing models in the extensive line-up of ITL UV LED solutions have recently received a 20% performance upgrade. With hints of yet more to come for 2016, ITL sees these latest introductions as the most significant development in extending choice to existing and emerging markets.


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About Integration Technology:
Integration Technology Ltd is a world pioneering designer and developer of ultra-violet curing solutions for digital printing as well as other technologies, the company serves the industry’s foremost OEMs, integrators and system developers. The strategic partnership with IST provides a one stop shop for all UV and UV LED applications.


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