LEDcure SZ and VZ: New high performance UV LED systems

Integration Technology launches two new high performance air-cooled UV LED units.

Oxon, 27th of October 2016: Integration Technology Ltd (ITL) has announced two new high performance air-cooled UV LED  systems; the SZ and VZ LEDcure models. Specifically designed to meet the high specifications of wide format and industrial inkjet printing, the new LED products share a common compact head architecture.

Just 70mm wide x 200mm high, the SZ and VZ models come in a range of standard lengths from 90mm to 540mm long to suit all printer models which can be fine-tuned using 30mm modules to match the print head array. Outside of these longer lengths are also possible to special order.

The key difference between the two new products comes with output; the SZ LEDcure model emits 14W/cm² with high dose, while the VZ LEDcure is rated at 16W/cm² but delivers a further 20% of additional dose.

A key feature is VARIcool technology, which automatically adjusts the air-cooling according to the ambient temperature, delivering a consistent output in working environments of up to 40°C. ITL first successfully introduced VARIcool some 4 years ago in it’s VZero LED systems, and the new SZ and VZ products carry the latest version which has greatly reduced the fan noise usually associated with air-cooled LED’s down to market leading low levels.

Both new products are equipped with ITL’s latest XT8 UV LED Booster technology, which reaches an extremely high output and dose greatly increasing cure speeds offering customers a wider choice in all applications. An extended service life is achieved since the semi-conductor chips are not being driven as hard when compared to other products on the market, and the modules are backed by ITL’s 5 year warranty. The 30% boost in efficiency is available for systems fitted with 365, 385, 395 or 405nm or for systems with mixed wavelength arrays which ITL first introduced in 2010.

ITL sales director David Johnson comments: “We have been extremely pleased by the early positive reaction of customers who have especially praised the low noise levels, while being impressed by the performance delivered by such a compact and lightweight form factor”

ITL SZ and VZ UV LED curing solutions

Caption: LEDcure SZ and VZ: New high performance UV LED systems




Caption: VARIcool by Integration Technology reduces the fan noise


Further Information

Founded in 2000, ITL is a world pioneering designer and developer of UV curing solutions for ink jet printing as well as other emerging technologies, first commencing an active UV LED program in 2002. The Oxfordshire, UK, based company serves the industry’s foremost OEMs, integrators and system developers with support from its regional offices in Europe, the USA, South America and the Far East.

Part of the IST METZ GROUP: ITL and IST offer the world’s largest portfolio of UV curing solutions.

IST METZ develops, manufactures and distributes UV equipment for curing solvent-free inks, varnishes, silicones and adhesives. The company operates from it’s headquarter in Nürtingen, Germany, with a further 14 global sales and service companies, employing more than 550 staff.

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