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client news

MyKnowledge Map

MyKnowledgeMap shortlisted for two e-Learning Awards

York-based learning technology provider MyKnowledgeMap (MKM) has been shortlisted for two prestigious 2007 e-Learning Awards

MyKnowledgeMap senior sales gains with regional office openings

With new offices opening in UK regions, knowledge systems specialist MyKnowledgeMap (MKM) - - has made key appointments to its commercial and public sector sales teams.

Improve takes sector skills development online

An online hub has been developed by learning development specialist, MyKnowledgeMap (MKM) on behalf of Improve, the food and drink sector skills council for a ?4.4m national skills academy (NSA) providing education and training for more than 28,000 employees of UK food and drink manufacturing over the next four years

Council wins awards by closing staff skills gaps

West Lothian Council, situated in the central belt of Scotland, administers what is predicted to be its fastest growing area over the next 20 years. With it's booming economy, West Lothian ranks as the 12th most enterprising area in Britain.

MyKnowledgeMap awarded Tesco retail degree development

Learning specialist MyKnowledgeMap (MKM) has been awarded the contract to develop a Foundation Degree in Retail to be piloted by Tesco Stores.

MyKnowledgeMap launch online training academy for place managers

A nationwide bid to expand the successful adoption of UK town centre management to a wider range of places includes the implementation of an online training academy provided by knowledge systems specialist, MyKnowledgeMap (MKM).

British Council goes global with online employee skills assessment system

The marketing and communications skills of British Council employees in 109 countries are to be improved through their implementation of a new web-based system that analyses their capabilities and manages skills.

Capability Matrix talent management gets training back on target

Effective targeting of training within the organisation is about to become more accurate thanks to the development of an online talent management system.

Support for Africa education from MyKnowledgeMap

York-based learning development specialist MyKnowledgeMap (MKM) has produced a film on the work of independent charity African Children's Educational Trust (A-CET).

e-learning launch to reduce stress

A web-based initiative to help reduce stress in the workplace has been introduced by MyKnowledgeMap (MKM).

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