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news management


Successful news management begins with having the message packaged and presented in the most succinct, entertaining and efficient form possible. pmpr fields extensive copywriting skills spanning every corner of marketing support including news and articles, sales literature, research, web sites, e-zines, scripts ... wherever there is a message, we have the means of referring it.

Media Relations

It's tempting to think that scattering news about the web will suffice as media relations methodology. It won't. One-to-one media briefing is essential in making and maintaining those special relationships between a business, brand or person and the people influencing the public's perception of them.

Peter Muir's experience as a business journalist has inevitably informed on the development of pmpr and the brokering of mutually satisfactory relationships between third party news media and clients forms an important component within the agency's service offer.

This spans the research and drafting of news and features about clients for placement within key business press to the development and management of virtual press offices for access by trade, consumer press as well as broadcast and online.

Customer Publishing

Magazines for and about the customers of organisations continue to prove highly satisfactory in communicating varying messages and there are clear signs of migration from print to digital media (see e-zines).

However, content - as ever - is 'king' if the publication is going to pay its way. Peter Muir has produced customer publications for a broad range of organisations including Gillette (shaving division), Price Waterhouse, Canada Dry Rawlings, ExtraStaff and Prochem Europe.


Our zines are bring readers news headlines linked to stories hosted on dedicated news pages that are linked in turn to product sales pages on our client web sites. In a few clicks, the reader has made the jump to potential purchase - but only if an e-zine has sufficiently compelling content. pmpr makes that jump a reality.

Pod/video Casting

With its own studio and mobile recording resource coupled to Peter Muir's broadcast experience, pmpr is well placed to create pod- and vid-casts on behalf of clients.

 Check out more on our PRodcasting services here


Peter Muir sees a website as an information resource firstly, and a sales opportunity secondly. pmpr creates, hosts, updates and ensures top placement on key search engines within a turnkey web service. Accessible, functional, entertaining, good value - our web sites are particularly popular with SMEs.

Is your company investing in any of these disciplines? Happy with the results? If not, contact us now ...

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