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Prochem takes Natural way to eco-considerate cleaning

A carpet and hard floor cleaning range to satisfy growing demand from commercial and domestic building users for products and services that demonstrate commitment to environmental issues and concerns has been launched this month (May 2008) by Cleaning technologies specialist, Prochem Europe.

All products in the new Natural range feature environmentally and user friendly phosphate free formulations coupled with all natural fragrances including lemongrass, eucalyptus and tea tree as well as lavender, orange and peppermint in the new Natural Carpet Deodorizer.

The range is free of colours, dyes, synthetic fragrances, EDTA and NTA and contains only ingredients considered safe for the environment. It employs biodegradable complexing agents and short chain biodegradable surfactants.

Furthermore, the new nine product strong range is based upon ground breaking formulations that perform as well or better than equivalent professional products without harming the environment, says Prochem Europe labs.

The Natural range

A concentrated professional-strength product, Natural Stone Cleaner has been devised for cleaning and maintenance of all fine natural stone floors including marble, limestone, terrazzo, saltillo, granite, travertine and ceramic tile.

Natural Carpet Cleaner is an extraction cleaning concentrate with encapsulation technology and gentle pH for cleaning most types of carpets and rugs.

A biodegradable and low VOC volatile organic compound concentrate for pre-treating heavily soiled areas of carpets, Natural Carpet Prespray incorporates encapsulation technology to help prevent sticky residues that may attract soil.

Natural Carpet Rinse is based on sodium citrate and citric acid and neutralizes alkaline residues without the use of harsh or corrosive acids. It also incorporates polymer technology to help prevent residues that may attract soil.

A neutral pH spot cleaner for removing a wide variety of spots and stains from carpet, Natural Carpet Spotter contains polymer encapsulation technology to prevent sticky residues and is biodegradable, phosphate free and with low VOC volatile organic compounds.

Natural Carpet Foam Shampoo is a biodegradable high foam carpet shampoo with polymer encapsulation for rotary shampoo, bonnet and dry foam carpet cleaning.

A powerful biological deodorizer for carpets that contains no biocides, Natural Carpet Deodorizer is based on natural biological cultures that digest organic odours in carpets and is effective against urine and other offensive odours. Containing encapsulation technology to prevent sticky residues, it is sprayed directly onto odour contaminated carpet, then rinsed with Natural Carpet Cleaner or Natural Carpet Rinse.

Natural Multi-Surface Cleaner is a powerful multi-surface cleaner for commercial floor and hard surface cleaning. Its proven hard surface cleaning performance is verified by independent testing. Biodegradable, phosphate free and VOC compliant, its heavy-duty formula removes the toughest oily and greasy soils.

A biodegradable phosphate free carpet extraction detergent for commercial carpet cleaning, Natural Carpet Powder Detergent is suitable for portable and truck mount cleaning units with high heat stability and fast dissolving performance.

The Natural range conforms to the USA EPA "Design for Environment" guidelines and has the Carpet & Rug Institute Seal of Approval (where appropriate). Approval for Green Woolsafe approval (incorporating Green Seal approval) for carpet cleaning products is presently pending.

The range’s environmental credentials extend to its packaging with containers made from recyclable natural polyethylene while their cases are constituted from fibreboard using recycled material.

Prochem Europe anticipates using sustainable plant and sugar derived ingredients for future developments in the range.


Issued May 2008 by

petermuir public relations

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