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Natural Care

Not going Green? - why Natural still makes more sense

When Prochem Europe launched its acclaimed Natural Range, it met inevitably with the important approval of the 'green clean' lobby. Yet, it also resonated with cleaning specialists that were not necessarily marketing off the 'eco' platform.

Paul Reynolds, Chemical Product Manager, E H & S at Prochem explained why three specific solutions have gained the interest of not only 'green' cleaners, but those still using more conventional chemical products.

Unique within the Prochem Europe range, E247 Natural Carpet Deodoriser is its only bio-enzymatic deodorizer and is effective against organic soils and malodorous substances, including urine and other offensive and problematic odours.

So how does it work? "It's a two-phase action," says Paul.

"Natural biological cultures in the product digest the organic matter and break down any problem chemicals such as urine while a powerful odour absorber chemically alters and neutralises volatile odours rendering them undetectable, or in other words non-volatile."

Encapsulation technology within this product prevents any sticky residues, whilst the natural lavender, orange and peppermint fragrance leaves a pleasing smell.

How is it applied? "By carpet pressure spray applicator," Paul says.

"You you allow at least a fifteen minute dwell time for the biological cultures and deodorisation process to work with a final rinse extraction.

"Remember that this is not intended as a deodoriser additive and due to its bio-enzymatic action, not recommended for use on wool," he adds.

Natural Carpet Deodoriser is a ready-to-use product available in 1L spray and 5L pack sizes.

Verified by independent testing, E457 Natural Multi-Surface Cleaner has been formulated using a blend of surfactants to create a powerful cleaner for all types of hard surface and floor cleaning.

Effective at removing the toughest oily and greasy soils, whilst being safer for the environment than more aggressive cleaners, it has a pH of 7.5 and is safe for use on most surfaces, without the need for harsh acids and alkalis.

It is available as a 5L Concentrate and 1L ready-to-use spray.

Another recent addition to the Prochem range, E309 Natural Stone Cleaner is a concentrated professional-strength, water-based product for the cleaning and maintenance of all fine natural stone floors including marble, limestone, terrazzo, saltillo, granite, travertine, ceramic tile and brick.

Containing specially selected surfactants and solvents it helps to remove oil and soils from porous stone and with a gentle neutral pH is particularly suitable for sensitive stone applications where acidic stone cleaners (such as QMT Stoneclean) or harsh alkali chemicals, may not be suitable.

It is available as a 5L concentrate and 1L ready-to-use spray. range.htm


Issued January 2010 on behalf of Prochem Europe Ltd by
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