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Latest Prochem truck mount packs power in half the space

Want to upgrade to truck mounted cleaning but without trading up to a larger van? Prochem Europe has the answer with the new Compact 370SS - a space-saving gem delivering maximum performance in half the space.

Thanks to innovative design, the Compact 370SS truck mounted carpet and upholstery cleaning system has combined tried and tested componentry with an ingenious use of space. Innovative heat exchange technology simplifies the machine’s operation and maintenance and ensures a long service life at a low cost.

And - most dramatically - with a console width of only 16", the Compact 370SS can fit into the new generation of small vans on the market.

"With constant pressure on budget, professional cleaners seek solutions combining performance with economy and that second requirement is as much as about footprint as fuel," says Prochem’s Dan Alexander.

"The Compact meets this by condensing the technology into a smaller space which is going to appeal enormously to cleaners who don’t want trade up to larger, more expensive vans to accommodate their new machine."

Compact 370SS offers the smallest cubic size truck mount on the market requiring 50% less cubic inches than competitive models, thereby freeing up precious van space, and with all serviceable parts within 20 cm (8in) of exterior. An easy-off panel gives fast access to service points though fewer parts than any comparable unit means easier maintenance for this versatile machine.

High output is also a key characteristic, a unique heat exchanger producing more usable heat (121°C / 250° F max) with minimal heat loss to the environment, and a last-step chemical injection maximising pump performance.

Additional features include thermostatic temperature control allowing total temperature control up to 250 degrees F; easy-to-use ergonomic control panel with waste pump out switch; by-pass free operation saving solution and waste tank space.

Add a two year warranty and full UK back-up with installation, service and training by a dedicated Prochem team calling on over 30 years experience in truck mount supply, and the Compact 370SS comes down to making solid business sense for cleaners seeking more for less in a challenging market.

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contact Prochem Sales on tel. 020 8974 1515.



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