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Prochem puts pressure on better cleaning performance

Prochem Europe has introduced induction drive pump technology to its popular Steempro range of carpet and upholstery cleaning machines.

Pump failure is the most commonly-perceived nuisance for the professional cleaner, particularly half way through a job.

That’s why, after extensive service trials, Prochem has changed the pumps on its successful Steempro Powermax and Powerplus models to 150psi induction drive pumps as standard fitments.

"Traditionally, pumps of this kind fail because of worn carbon brush wear," explains Prochem Equipment Product Manager John Hattersley. "The outcome is usually costly and loses time on the job.

"Induction pumps enable a drive shaft to turn using opposing magnets and without the need for carbon brushes."


The good news for Steempro purchasers is a quieter and more efficient motor designed to run continuously, without the need for a pressure switch. Pump pressure is greater than with carbon brush pumps and with its own cooling fan, the new induction model does away with overheating issues.

Existing Steempro users are not missing out. The new 150psi induction drive pumps can be easily retro-fitted into older machines.

Further information on the Steempro range on tel 020 8974 1515 or visit


Issued March 2011 on behalf of Prochem Europe Ltd by
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