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K2013 new product innovation from Prochem Europe

Prochem's award-winning D500 Microsan? sanitiser and cleaner is being re-launched with a pleasing fresh apple blossom fragrance.

The move comes after the solution's floral citrus fragrance was removed to ensure that its formulation was in full compliance with the product biocidal efficacy data in the REACH and Biocidal Products Registrations.

Now a new re-formulated Microsan is on the way with a fragrance that will last for the entirety of the product shelf life of around two years while eliminating the slightly saponaceous (or soapy) odour of the active quaternary compound ingredient.

An EC registered anti-microbial multi-surface sanitiser and cleaner, Microsan is effective against bacteria including MRSA, viruses including hepatitis B and HIV, fungi, algae and mildew.

Spray maintenance cleaner for commercial carpets & upholstery

New from Prochem, Fibreclean is a soil encapsulating formulation designed to clean carpets and wet-cleanable fabrics by spray and brush application.

It can be applied regularly as a spray maintenance cleaner to carpet traffic lane areas and upholstery seating to help maintain the brightness and appearance of carpet and furnishings in commercial buildings and transport environments.

Fibreclean is a concentrate that should be diluted 1 part to 10 parts of warm water. Carpet or fabric should always be pre-tested for colour fastness and possible colour or texture change with diluted solution before proceeding.

Fibreclean should not be used on water sensitive upholstery fabrics.

For best results always vacuum carpets and upholstery and treat spots and stains before the application of Fibreclean.

For carpet maintenance cleaning, apply the diluted solution lightly by pressure sprayer then brush with carpet pile brush or cylindrical brush machine such as Prochem's Fiberdri TM4 or PRO 35 unit.

Do not over apply, which may result in longer drying time. Carpet should be touch dry (approx.30 to 60 minutes) before re-use.

For upholstery maintenance, apply diluted solution lightly by hand pump-up sprayer to all body contact areas of upholstery fabric then brush with upholstery hand brush and leave fabric to dry thoroughly before re-use.

Endeavouring to be better

Prochem Europe is expanding further its substantial offer of portable carpet and upholstery extractor cleaning with the launch of the new Endeavor.

Packed with a host of new features to provide power, performance and convenience in a brand new extractor design, the Endeavor's specifications include dual 6.6 in. high performance, low noise vacuum motors, handle-mounted wheels for easy vehicle loading, top front-mounted controls and new front-mounted wand stowage.

The smart and practically-designed Endeavor also features as standard Prochem's ultra-reliable 150 psi induction motor pump and a slide-in version of its advanced Heat 'n' Run in-line stainless steel heat exchanger.

An optional 250psi induction pump is also planned to be available.

The machine comes complete with hoses and 2-jet Glidemaster stainless steel wand and, as with all Prochem cleaning machines, a free training voucher to ensure users get the very best from their machines.

World's lightest two-motor carpet cleaner is Dynamic

The lightest professional two motor carpet cleaner ever built has been added to the Prochem Europe range.

The new Dynamic 380E is equipped with a patented weight distribution system, both of its motors being positioned on the base housing with accessories located on the lower part of the suction body.
Install the DCS converter and in 10 seconds, and without any tools, the machine is ready to use as a dry compound brush unit to dry-clean rugs and carpets.

Weighing only 7.8 kilos, the new Dynamic offers a cleaning width of 38 cm (14.9 in.) and comes with extension hose, telescopic wand, crevice tool, upholstery tool as standard.

Getting in a foam

Prochem Europe has further extended its distribution of the Swiss-built Birchmeier range of quality spraying equipment with the launch of the new Foam-Matic 1.25E and Foam-Matic 5E foam spraying units.

The Foam-Matic1.25E is a pump-up hand sprayer with foam nozzle ideal for application of carpet and upholstery shampoo and detergent cleaners for hygiene, vehicles and vertical surfaces.

The Foam-Matic 5E is a professional quality polyethylene sprayer with foam lance and EPDM seals, suitable for application of foaming alkaline detergent cleaners for vehicles, hygiene and vertical surfaces.

Typical applications for the Foam-Matic sprayers include automotive, equipment, doors, walls, trolleys, canteen, kitchen, showers and other sanitary surfaces, venetian blinds, windows, balcony rails, building fronts, chairs and seats.

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Issued January 2013 on behalf of Prochem Europe Ltd by
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Whiteleaf Business Centre, Buckingham Industrial Park, Buckingham MK18 1TF, UK
tel 00 44 (0) 1296 715228

About Prochem Europe

Founded in 1974, Prochem Europe Ltd. is a leading British manufacturer of cleaning and maintenance products for carpets, fabrics and floors. Chemicals are made at the company's headquarters in Chessington, Surrey and are available through an extensive network of national and international distributors along with its carpet, fabric and floor cleaning equipment, accessories and spares. Britain's leading commercial provider of training to professional cleaners, Prochem Europe also offers a range of industry-recognised training courses for carpet, upholstery and floor cleaning and maintenance at Chessington, covering the latest techniques and maintenance methods.

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