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Next generation web promises even smarter thinking technologies.

Web 3.0 browsers could act like personal assistants, learning what you are interested in as you search and in the process sharpening up the accuracy and appropriateness of its responses to your needs in the future.

We should be able to carry out natural language searches, search by image, or even take a virtual walk inside a 3D version of the web.

We will be using images to search for images, sound clips to look for other sound clips, and so on.

Windows at home or office could open or close according to online weather forecasts, clothing could be internet-enabled…

Most strikingly will be convergence of media to a single intuitive screen-based technology in the home, office, airport lounge, works canteen, pretty much everywhere.

A merging of web and TV, for sure awaits; only the playing field will be very far from level.  Because, most web sites are static - and silent. It's not a thrilling proposition and it's clear online has some serious catching up to do.

pmpr PRodcasts® invest B2B sites with dynamic audio-visual content to:

  • meet 'n greet the site visitor

  • keep him/her coming back

It's devised to personalize your service whilst reinforcing the messages conveyed in the textual and graphic elements of the site.

It's professional-looking but inexpensive - less than one month's fee charged by the average PR agency buys you a pmpr PRodcast® meet 'n greet from you to your customers.

And there's more.

In development: the 30-60 second pmpr PRodcast® newsdesk keeps sites fresh and primed for revisiting by alerting customers to what's new on the site. That way, your site is seen and heard to be refreshed.

Visitors will be rewarded by a more holistic experience than at present - search engines search for audio-visual, too. So your rankings will improve consequently.

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Irish Music Promotion video (opens in separate window)

Farrugia Construction video (opens in separate window)

Aspley Guise Golf Club video (opens in separate window)


Let your web site find its voice...

Business web sites are growing up. Now they have learned how to 'walk' (CMS, social media, animation, Flash etc), they're starting to talk (video).

Film needs narration: a voice that's not too posh nor blokey, not too old nor young - but calm, engaging, authoritative, persuasive.

I have sound studio experience of 15 years standing. I work fast but methodically: which means you get results that are effective and affordable.

I voice corporate projects, documentary narration and technical/specialist scripts for all media formats.

Delivery from chocolaty smooth to snappy call-to-arms in a mature, BBC 'received-pronunciation' English with regional inflection, as required...

Need help with the script? I can help you shape this, too. I am a former business journalist and B2B marketer.

Contact us if you are interested and I'll get some sound samples back to you.

Find out more about this now. Contact us!

pmpr is a founder member of Strategy Hub

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