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Regent Cleaning 

Regent Cleaning development takes out washroom odour for good

A major step forward in removing washroom odour has been launched by UK contractor, Regent Cleaning

A cleaning and odour control agent based on naturally-sourced ingredients for use throughout the washroom, new enzymatic compound Curine Enzlime has been jointly developed with Regent Cleaning to resolve cleaning and maintenance problems which cannot be addressed by conventional chemicals.

Washroom odour is mostly caused by residual urine which has become trapped and absorbed into porous surfaces and areas such as flooring materials. "Persistent urine odour is a perennial issue for all cleaning business," says Regent joint managing director Jonathan King.

"A toilet can be perfectly clean but still smell. Urine decomposes within porous materials such as floor and wall tile cement and grout, brickwork, even plastic piping and sealants."

Curine Enzlime eradicates both odours and staining from urine whilst also degrading uric crystals and lime-scale deposits in and around urinals, toilet bowls and in sinks, on floors, walls and all washroom surfaces. This unique biological cleaner digests the source of staining and the odour problems rather than simply mask them.

Containing millions of specially selected, highly active micro-organisms, with a refreshing lime fragrance, Curine Enzlime is the perfect product to replace conventional washroom cleaners, providing a complete environmental washroom package.

How it works...

Curine Enzlime works naturally by deploying naturally occurring, harmless micro organisms that produce powerful enzymes to break the molecular chain that bonds stains and odours to washroom surfaces.

These friendly bacteria then digest the organic matter, converting it into water (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2) so no trace of the soiling remains.

Natural, vegetable-based ingredients provide Curine Enzlime with a more complex and rich fragrance than the ‘sharp’ smell associated with common masking agents.

In an easy-to-use, dilutable liquid it cleans and fragrances in one go, simply, safely and very effectively.

Jointly-developed with a leading bio-technological team and exclusive to Regent Cleaning, Curine Enzlime is being trialed at the company’s UK sites throughout early 2011.


About Regent Cleaning

Operating from 14 UK locations with over 4500 employees, £30 million turnover Regent Cleaning is a major supplier of cleaning to private and public sector accounts in the commercial, leisure, healthcare and educational sectors. Founded in 1986, the company has grown by over 20% in the last year alone.

Recent gains include the expansion of Regent's provision to the Ministry of Justice's Courts, the NHS BT (National Blood Service) premises, and Matthew Boulton College. In 2008, Regent Cleaning expanded market share and extended geographical reach with the acquisition of Birmingham-based Exclusive Support Services, which also has offices in London, Harwich and Manchester. In 2010, it entered the Scotland cleaning market with the acquisition of Precise Cleaning Services, brining it a further four regional offices. Further information at

About Samsic Group

Founded in 1986, Rennes-based Samsic fields over 40,000 employees from 200 locations on behalf of more than 10,000 clients across Europe. The company also owns subsidiaries in Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Spain and Portugal. Highly regarded for the quality of its service professionalism, Samsic has expanded from its core cleaning offer to undertake tasks ranging from security to recruitment and home domestic services on behalf of a wide customer base. Further information at

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