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Regent Cleaning

Regent wins cleaning contract for Blatchford prosthetics sites

National contractor Regent Cleaning has expanded its healthcare portfolio with the appointment to service three sites at the Basingstoke headquarters of one of the world's leading providers of prosthetic and orthotic products and services.

Blatchford plc is a manufacturer and global distributor of lower limb prosthetic components and supplies prostheses and orthoses in selected markets including the UK and India.

The company holds over 35% of all UK NHS prosthetics contracts and has again won the contract to supply prosthetic services to the UK's Ministry of Defence's medical rehabilitation centre, Headley Court.

Blatchford plc

Regent won the contract to clean Blatchford's headquarters with its production and research and development sites on the strength of core competencies including its deployment of state-of-the art technologies, backing a major revision of cleaning practices, quality control, and management systems as well as a boosted investment in training.

Commenting on the appointment, Regent Cleaning Joint Managing Director John Critchell said: "It's heartening to see the time and effort paid over the past twelve months in asserting Regent as more than just another cleaning contractor returned in the form of an important contract of this kind.

"Blatchford is a renowned and respected innovator in its field and presents similar challenges to those we face day-to-day in our work in the centres operated by NHS Blood & Transfusion.

"We very much look forward to demonstrating the benefits our systems and practices can bring to bear at Blatchford in the forthcoming year."

A division of Regent Samsic, Regent Cleaning provides a wide range of standalone environmental care programs as well as an integrated service offer with its partner, Regent Security.

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