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Regent Cleaning

Toucan play - Regent first major contractor to adopt cleaning innovation

Regent Cleaning is the first major UK contractor to adopt a ground-breaking innovation in cleaning solutions development.

The Coventry-based contractor is standardising the use of Toucan-Eco - a natural, cost effective and simple system for disinfection and cleaning using a solution made from tap water, salt and a small electrical input - across all of its operational sites.

Regent currently employs 4,500 operatives at over 1000 sites, serviced via 10 regional offices. The company aims to have two Toucan Eco units in use on every site.


Developed by UK company Centrego, the solution's added qualities of non-toxicity and overall ecological soundness are expected to see ready adoption of the solution in a diversity of environments.

Trials of Toucan Eco at select sites have been followed by full staff training held by Regent Cleaning and Centrego.

Regent sees Toucan Eco as a perfect solution for cleaning most areas and particularly hard surfaces using microfibre wiping and mopping systems.

Inexpensive to purchase, store and transport, and easy-to-mix and non-hazardous in application, it constitutes a revolution in cleaning that brings benefits in safety, cost and environmental sustainability, say the company.

Toucan Eco's infection control properties are expected to attract particular interest, adds Regent Cleaning training & HR support officer Mark Mahoney.

Regent Cleaning's adoption of the Toucan Eco system has been welcome by Centrego. Says Centrego managing director Robin Turner:

"Regent's primary drive is to continually improve the service it provides clients and to take real and meaningful steps to implementing a 'green clean' footprint on all the sites it cleans.

"Regent treats both suppliers and clients equally as partners, doing what they said they would do, when they said they would, without fuss or delay. From our very first meeting it was apparent that the company was not only professional but determined to put the concept of customer service into practice."

Says Robin: "Regent's focus is on team working to ensure that staff training, product distribution and internal promotional materials are coordinated to ensure a seamless delivery to users."

A subsidiary of France's Groupe Samsic, Regent Cleaning provides a wide range of standalone environmental care programs as well as an integrated service offer with its partner, Regent Security.

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petermuir public relations
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About Samsic Group

Founded in 1986, Rennes-based Samsic fields over 40,000 employees from 200 locations on behalf of more than 10,000 clients across Europe. The company also owns subsidiaries in Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Spain and Portugal. Highly regarded for the quality of its service professionalism, Samsic has expanded from its core cleaning offer to undertake tasks ranging from security to recruitment and home domestic services on behalf of a wide customer base. Further information at

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