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Regent Security

James Watt Campus

Regent Security officers have been commended for assisting in saving lives on a company client site.

Karl O'Tanda assisted in the resuscitation of the student attending Birmingham Metropolitan College's James Watt Campus (pictured).

Regent Security general manager Harry Smith described the action as "brave and outstanding" and commended Karl for an undertaking which ultimately saved a life.

Birmingham Metropolitan College facilities management head John Starmer said: "It's in times of crisis that you depend on members of staff coming to the fore. Karl contributed in keeping the student alive until the paramedics responded. The College is fortunate to have a member of staff with these qualities."

The Security team at James Watt Campus was also commended for assisting a college staff member who had suffered a minor stroke on-site.

"Phil Barton and student welfare officers Anna and Andrew did a great job responding to this gentleman. According to the hospital, their thinking and action actually helped prevent further damage," said Harry Smith.

"We're proud of the team at James Watt Campus. They have all demonstrated true commitment to the welfare of those entrusted with their care."

Issued May 2012 by
petermuir public relations
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