Samsic Arise: LEAN Six Sigma drives wellness-led workspace management

Crafting service solutions as unique as buildings and how they are used is the core process underpinning a brand new initiative from specialist FM service provider Samsic UK.

The UK market arm of the 3 billion euro turnover Samsic Group has launched its Arise Programme, a solutions package driven by LEAN Six Sigma tools to create waste-free service models and attain high and consistent standards of service outcome.

Says Samsic UK CEO Jonathan King:

“Businesses re-emerging from the pandemic are considering their estate strategies and working methods. Arise is a wellness-led approach to workspace management, using innovative processes, products and technologies to create hygiene secure environments.

“Founded on site-bespoke data, it provides the most efficient strategy for managing healthy workspaces as users return to their workspaces.”

To provide the correct delivery solution, Arise analyses the specific needs of a building. Applying LEAN Six Sigma techniques, data analytics, trends analyses, the company benchmark uses its broad sector knowledge to create specific service plans to resolve changing needs.

“We examine client business processes, techniques, methods and approaches to match our service solution to the needs of each location and customer,” continues King.

“Creating a workplace that people can return to with true confidence thanks to the implementing of a tailored professional cleaning and sanitisation strategy that’s measurable at every minute is just the start of the Arise journey,” he points out.

In addition to regular cleaning programs backed up by deep cleaning services, such as chemical-free cleaning and fogging with a 99.9% kill rate, Arise fields a portfolio of smart cleaning technologies.

These span cobotics to free teams to focus on hygiene-centred cleaning of touchpoints and touch-free or low-touch washroom environment solutions, to ATP surface swab testing, UV-C deep-sanitising lamps, and air purification systems that remove 99.9% of airborne viruses, pathogens, dust and pollen.

Samsic’s latest service initiative also offers allied services such as workspace management, notably in reception area design and staffing, security, helpdesk facilitating and sensor technology monitoring building occupancy and use measuring desk occupation, proximity, fill levels and air quality for more cost- and performance-effective resource deployment.

Says Jonathan King:

“With a post-pandemic shift towards a blend of home and office working, workspaces are becoming shared and flexible.  Arise helps our clients manage them, on-demand, for all users. It’s centred around their wellbeing.”

Arise measures how facilities services, whether single or bundled, are transiting out of fixed and separated categorising  to become integrated within workplace management, peopled by teams multi-skilled, intelligent and flexible in the way they apply a service model, making it geared to needs as they change.

It’s an organic, adaptable mindset that is especially important as society meets the daily challenge of protecting its buildings and people from the effects of the pandemic.

The Samsic Group is a leading market provider of integrated business and facilities management services. Operating in 25 European countries, the Samsic Group supports over 30,000 customers, employing over 93,000 colleagues and has annual turnover of 3 billion euros.

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