Steve Ashley - Another Day

Steve Ashley – Another Day

British singer-songwriter Steve Ashley returns to the recorded music scene next month (January 2017) with a solo album that looks set to surpass all its predecessors.

Over the decades, Ashley has related multiple stories of English life: in the fields, in the town, in the heart of the family, down the pub, down the allotment, alone on the road, with nuclear weapons, war, peace and refugees, with babyhood, motherhood, schooldays, old age, love, life, grief, death and all the places in between.

For over 40 years now, the stamp of quality has been there with every release that’s followed, although the focus has changed with the albums.

This time, with ‘Another Day’ the stories focus upon the ‘story tellers’ – the hidden voices that shape the way we think about and live our English lives – the daily press, the BBC, GCHQ, the bankers, the politicians and even the ancient apostles.

The tempos change but the pace never slackens. It’s as if it has taken Steve a lifetime to properly define what he thinks needs to be said.

Infused with the hope that has filled Town Halls and public squares throughout the UK, through Jeremy Corbyn’s new kind of politics, Ashley is in top form. The wit is sharp and the humour dark and irrepressible.

Elsewhere he celebrates the legacies of lost heroes, the fight to save the NHS and the beauty of the ever-turning seasons that informed his landmark debut.

There’s one thing you can count on with Steve Ashley’s songwriting, and that’s quality:  in the poetry, in the melodies, and in the performance.

This was clear way back in 1974, with his celebrated debut album ‘Stroll On’. Which is why it was awarded ‘Contemporary Folk Album of the Year’.

‘Another Day’ is Steve Ashley’s tenth album: brimming with big, radical songs with stirring melodies and fine English poetry, it could be his finest.



Artist:               Steve Ashley

Title:                ‘Another Day’

Genre:             Folk/Singer-Songwriter

Label:              Market Square

Format:           CD

Cat:                 MSMCD180

UPC:               5065001032417

Date:               Jan 20th 2017

Track Listing


  1. Another Day
  2. One Strong Voice
  3. Oh No No
  4. There Will Be Pain
  5. The Paper Song
  6. One For The Playlist
  7. What Do You Do?
  8. The Way The Rainbow’s Made
  9. For Bruce
  10. The Land of Love
  11. It’s Just A Stage
  12. I Wonder
  13. The Months Go Round
  14. Another Shore



Further information:

Steve Ashley Catalogue:

Stroll On (Gull) 1974; Speedy Return (Gull) 1975; The Family Album (Woodworm) 1979; Demo Tapes (CND) 1981, More Demo Tapes (PAC) 1985; Mysterious Ways (Line) 1990; The Test of Time (Market Square) 1999; Stroll On Revisited (Market Square) 1999; Everyday Lives (Topic) 2001; Live in Concert (Dusk Fire) 2006; Time and Tide (Topic) 2007; This Little Game (Market Square) 2015; Another Day (Market Square) 2017.


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