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Verco Office Furniture

Verco and Bourne Ultimatum

(above) CIA Hub offices: Friday before Monday's filming started


Verco and Bourne Ultimatum

(above) CIA chief Vosen and assistant Landy's office - taken just before the first day's shoot at Pinewood. Furnished with VERCO Corniche furniture


Verco and Bourne Ultimatum

(above) Big brother on a big scale: a scene from the film, the VERCO equipped Pinewood set doubles as the CIA Hub in New York

VERCO's natural Bourne big screen break

Action blockbuster of the year and the latest in a highly successful film trilogy, 'The Bourne Ultimatum' has the series' biggest budget to date, and it shows throughout the critically acclaimed thriller including its lavish sets.

When production company Kennedy-Marshall came to furnish a set at Pinewood Studios doubling as the entire floor of the CIA 'hub' monitoring centre in New York, it found the ideal solution in a mix of desking, storage and seating from VERCO, one of the UK's largest office furniture manufacturers.

Working with dealer and fit-out specialist Parkinspace, VERCO installed Intuition desking and storage with v-smart task seating to administration areas.

PA offices and boardroom feature a treatment of Oblique furniture and Profile and Omnia seating while the agency directors' suite is equipped with Corniche furniture and Luxus seating.

"The furniture was practical, unobtrusively stylish and pretty well cast," says VERCO sales and marketing director Chris Riley.

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