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Verco Office Furniture

VERCO gets the Mix right

Meetings can go on all morning; conferences for a day. Yet, seating commonly provided does not always stand up to prolonged use at any one time.

Latest outcome of VERCO user research into the problem is Mix conference armchairs, combining a light and modern feel to heightened comfort for the long-haul conference.

The Mix at Verco

These chairs feature either upholstered medium or full backs, which have been fixed at the armrest to achieve enhanced responsiveness. Contoured seats allow the user to sit in comfort for longer periods.

Silver or chrome cantilever frames also promote user micro-movement, thereby avoiding many of the problems associated with sitting still for a long time.

Upholstery is available in a wide range of quality fabrics, and the conference chairs benefit also from superior upholstery detailing.

And there are no more nasty surprises when chairs are taken out of store.

VERCO has got round the problem of upholstery being marked when chairs are stacked, by deploying a discreet buffer pad below the seat.

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About Verco

Founded in 1912, VERCO is one Britain's best known and respected office furniture manufacturers. Take this link for the full story …


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