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Verco Office Furniture

Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill

A simple trip to fetch water may have proved too much for the nursery rhyme characters, but this funky duo is made of sterner stuff.

Ready to do wonders with any restaurant, café or bistro area, Jack and Jill may be minimalist in design terms, but they make a strong visual impact thanks to the special material sourced by VERCO.

A chrome wire frame option is complemented by a two-tone shell manufactured from a new moulded polyurethane foam called Tech that's developed to be completely self supporting.

This clever material removes the need for any internal metallic structure, its high density material (600 - 700Kg/m3) enabling very slim mouldings to be achieved with good strength characteristics.

Unlike plastic, Tech® enables different thicknesses of shell to be moulded in the same piece, freeing designers to be more adventurous and innovative.

For those still concerned about that trip down the hill, Jack and Jill have high shock resistance (much higher than traditional rigid structural PU) while maintaining good elasticity in terms of seating comfort and high scratch resistance. Both products comply to BS 5852:2006 to ignition source 5.

These shells have great eye appeal. Always pure and clean white on the inside, external faces can be specified with the option of one of nine modern colours, bringing additional visual interest and variation to neutral environments.

Jack and Jill provide stylish multi-purpose seating to cover a multitude of different needs, with the option of three elegant frame styles, including a stacking four legged version so they are not only versatile but practical too!


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