Wall of Waves launches own label with latest Marvin Ayres release

London recording studio Wall Of Waves launch its own label imprint this June with the latest work by modern classical/fusion composer Marvin Ayres.

Artist:    Marvin Ayres

Title:      Ultradian Rhythms

File:        Classical fusion

Label:   Wall Of Waves/Market Square       

Form:     CD Digisleeve

Cat:        WOW101

Barc:     5065001032202

Date:      09.06.14


Combining elements of contemporary ambient and electronica with the influence of Holy Minimalist composers such as Part and Gorecki, over the last decade experimental cellist/violinist Ayres has created a unique and consistently strong body of work. His latest recording “ULTRADIAN RHYTHMS” has metamorphosed from its inception some years ago as a short, improvised piece for ‘live’ performance into a scored, orchestral suite.

In it, he interprets the neuro-scientific qualities of Ultradian Rhythms, where natural cycles occur, in a musical context and maintains the unique approach taken with its predecessor “Harmogram Suite” wherein different playing techniques, recording set ups and textures have been deployed to create an authentic ‘live’ orchestral environment.

Written in six movements, ‘Variations 1-6’ and closing track ‘Ultradian’ comprise a complex architecture of over-dubbed sound layers, with every instrument and part played by the artist, forging still further a modern classical music of swooning intensity.

It’s a work that further evidences Ayres’ talent for evocating extraordinary emotions within a corresponding stillness.


Further information:

Listen:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HxwOEaRf7hQ#t=105

News: http://marketsquarerecords.co.uk/news.htm

Purchase: http://www.themusicindex.com/store/msquare/marvin_ayres2.htm


Marvin Ayres: www.marvinayres.com

Wiki entry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marvin_Ayres


Wall of Waves: www.wallofwaves.com



Issued April 2014 on behalf of Wall of Waves Studio



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