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Basingstoke-based Hook Cleaning Services are so passionate about Prochem brand products that owner Tim Colenutt has written an article on the topic. We asked him more about why…

” I’m always looking for new and innovative ways to improve our offer and provide a superior quality service for our clients so from the very beginning, Prochem Europe has been at the core of our business,” says Tim at his company’s premises on a light industrial park on the town’s Wade Road.

“I went on a carpet cleaning course in 2007 and gained my first knowledge and experience of carpet cleaning, the risks involved, the vast possibilities and the knowledge I needed to start my own premium service.

“We started using a Prochem SX2700 Steempro Powerplus, with a Heat ‘n’ Run inline heater – basically it’s a machine that never let us down.”


In 2010, it was time to upgrade to truck mounted equipment. And as such, Tim felt it was only natural to choose the Prochem Blazer XL.

“It was just we needed to progress to the high-end services we offer today,” he reflects. “Using Power Burst as a pre-spray, combined with the heat of the truck mount and an acid fibre and fabric rinse – we had all the power we needed to clean through even the dirtiest of restaurant carpets.”

A second van was put on the road with a newer version of the Prochem Blazer – the GT.

“It really did surpass our expectations. It offered greater heat, more vacuum and quicker drying times without needing to use our client’s water supply.

In March 2013, the search began for a truck mounted cleaning machine capable of delivering constant, high pressure hot water for the deep cleaning of tiled floors. There was something else, Tim felt.

“Some of our jobs needed more than one machine in order to complete the work in a timely manner, so having a duel operator truck-mount was something I had needed to consider now, plus there was clear benefit in our reducing fuel/transport costs as only one van was needed.

“I tried a number of high-end machines from various manufacturers but in the end, we came back to our roots!”

“Our truck mounted cleaning machines from Prochem have never let us down. In fact, apart from regular servicing, our truck mounted cleaning equipment from Prochem has never broken down, or been off the road.”

Hook Cleaning Services’ third purchase from Prochem was major: a Prochem Everest 408HP twin operated carpet, upholstery, tile and grout cleaning machine.

“Hard surfaces dry to walk on immediately and some carpets naturally dry within as little as thirty minutes,” says Tim. “That’s performance that we’ve never seen or experienced before.”

Tim concludes: “Prochem has, by far, been the ultimate purchase for Hook Cleaning Services. We have regular cleaning contracts with offices, hotels, restaurants and bars and are today recognised as expert cleaners of carpets, upholstery, textiles, rugs, tile, grout and natural stone throughout the south of England.

“So thank you Prochem Europe, for delivering quality products consistently and helping my business deliver outstanding results!”

You can read the whole of Tim’s story here


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About Prochem Europe

Founded in 1974, Prochem Europe Ltd. is a British manufacturer of cleaning and maintenance products for carpets, fabrics and floors. Chemicals solutions are made at the company’s headquarters in Chessington, Surrey and are available through an extensive network of national and international distributors along with its carpet, fabric and floor cleaning equipment, accessories and spares. Britain’s leading commercial provider of training to professional cleaners, Prochem Europe also offers a range of industry-recognised training courses for carpet, upholstery and floor cleaning and maintenance at Chessington, covering the latest techniques and maintenance methods.

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